Magellan Cross by Ferdinand Magellan Planted in the Queen City of the South

Magellan Cross in Queen City of the South

Experience and see the first Cross Planted in Cebu Philippines grandest Heritage at the Queen City of the South. The Cross was made of tindalo wood.

  • What to expect?
  • How get there ?
  • Timing to open and close?
  • Picture  Features?
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What to expect?

✔️The place is very accessible. ✔️Spacious Surrounding ✔️Excellent city right the middle heart of Cebu. ✔️Oldest Heritage in the Philippines ✔️Wonderful and Colorful Paintings at Ceiling  

✔️Very Historical places ✔️Amazing Instructures. ✔️The Cross planted by Spanish  Pride of the Filipino  Christianity Believes


📌 The location also provides guest an easy access to a Basilica De Sto Nino Church and Cebu City Hall as they just tour within the heart of the city! ♥️ City of Cebu 📌Located in Magellanes Street Cebu Open at 06:00AM – 06:00PM

Picture Features:

 From our previous guest  Availing our City Tour Packages  One of the main attractions for tourists because it is part of a country history.

How to get there?

* From Airport just ride by a Taxi or Grab going to the Cebu City Hall . * If you’re in Cebu City just ride by a jeepneys from your place going to downtown City * Check the Route of that Jeepneys ask them, if they will go in the Magellan Cross or City Hall.

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