MONTPELLER FALLS (Chasing Waterfalls)

Montpeller Falls is about jungle water falls same like get lost in nature then suddenly you meet aonther falls wow amazing jud kaayo ang Alegria tinuod nga daghan ug tinagoan nga kalipay. Daghan jud kaayo ug mga Falls and many unrevealed Project tourist spot..

The Level of my chasing water falls adventure wanna be exciting and enticing more falls to visit around the world finding more connection of lumad to go there. When you go to Montpelier Falls be prepare with heat of the sun outside and entering unto the jungle falls forest. To merge the cool teal water. Here is the beauty and true extravagance the hidden gems like to explore in Cebu the Montpelier Falls.

MontPeller Falls views it give the ability to calm your busy mind and to heal your broke heart, it’s a peaceable. Its better you to experience a giant shower falls that can touch your humble soul.

A dramatic and photogenic capture a souful places to be to peace off mind .They have many things to captivate you, sightseeing, swimming , falls massage that linger your mind and heart .

A great sense a nature presents experience for us this place my recommended to you to do falls activities. Cebu is the best recommended for chasing water falls in all different ways.


How to get there? -Cebu City at South bus terminal to Sangi Alegria 4hrs travel including traffics -By a bus name Ceres Bus (fare 165-180 peso)

-Drop off point (Alegria Plaza park or Alegria Public Market marking point) -A lots of habal-habal to know that places, or just asking are you lumad here ?

-from Alegria Heritage Park to Montpeller Falls 20-30 minutes by a habal-habal (motorcycles) -Fare php. 150-160 then instruct the driver to back your specific time to pick up. -entrance fees 50 peso,

Alegria one of the most gems inside and revealed richest fine product like organic , refinery .

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