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Cheapest Canyoneering Adventure in the South Cebu

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Kanlaob Falls is located in the canyons of Alegria town Barangay Compostela Cebu, some 121 kilometers from Cebu City. Before this canyoneering adventure is  been one entrance and one exit canyonning adventure . At this present they  divide  into two …..

(the one entrance is from  Badian town , barangay  Sulsugan  chapel…exit to kawasan falls level 3,2,1.(the other one entrance is from  Alegria  Town , barangay Compostela …..exit Alegria Compoetela Cebu .if you want to go kawasan falls you can go from the entrance area . You can choose which  want to do  your  canyoneering adventure.. either Alegria or Badian ..

  • How to getting there:

From Cebu City bound to Badian or Alegria they  both  offereed canyoneering adventure . You ride by a bus (ceres bus a yellow color ) in the South Bus Terminal (via Barili- Bato )signage..just tell the driver or conductor you can  drop at canyoneering area center .Fare  from  South Bus Terminal to Alegria is Php. 173 pesos. by airconbus ,  163pesos  by  ordinary  bus.That’s a 3 to 4 hrs-drive . Or if you can rent a private car or tourist Van Hire (van-for-hire) via  going Badian or Alegria  Road.

SEE the location                 

If you came from Oslob area you can continue the national Road sign  going to Alegria or  Badian .From Oslob whale shark  to Bato  bus Terminal  by a bus (ceres bus). then  Bato  bus Terminal bound to Alegria /Badian . or some tricycle operator in Oslob they offer to bring you there a canyoning operator, but note  little bit pricey . Feel free to ask the  local people to be your guides .Just folllow your (GPS) instruction..Upon entering Alegria from Badian, watch out for a junction to your left with a signage that reads “Kanlaob Falls.” Take that road. If your vehicle can manage rough roads, continue driving until you reach a cluster of shacks where guides brief visitors for the activity. You can also take any of the habal-habal motorcycles parked at the junction. Some of the drivers will offer to be your guide.

  • You Should  Time to start to Travel a better earlier than bees around 4:30 am  to avoid congested traffic on the city road. while you in town of  CarCar exit there more traffic. A road trip south of Cebu is always worth it.Safe & sound to enjoy the sceneric places while you are traveling to south.If you leave early in the morning, an entire day for canyoneering should do it, with enough sunlight to spare for the return trip to the metro. You could take your lunch in the side of canyoneering adventure same like bbq,hanging rice , drinks  and fruits. If you’re planning for an overnight stay, you can find a number of accommodations in Alegria or Badian or Moalboal, towns that offer plenty of must-visit attractions.

  • How to Conquer your fear of heights,i suggest  that dont look at down side , You can do just look straight as just a level of body position. There’ll be lots of cliff jumping and water slides that you must accomplish to finish the course. There’s no turning back (but there is a way side if you dont like to jumped). just as the guides .Don’t worry, you should be fine even if you don’t know how to swim, since you’ll be wearing safety gear (shoes ,helmet and life vest). Just make sure you pay close attention to your guides (required) and follow their instructions. It was more fun and exciting pumping adventure.Trust us — this is a perfect and extremely fun way to overcome your phobia once and for all.

  • The Experience is worth than something extremely awesome. And affordable rates at that tour operator you can need to coordinates with them to get a discount price. Some tour groups offer packages (canyoneering, lunch and transpo), but others group only acquired the guides’ services for the canyoneering gear activities at 1400 per head . As long as you have desire to experience with your strong knees and a good heart, you’re going to fullfil your bukectlust adventure. In Kanlaob, extreme adventure you can view more highlights view and rock formation views and more fun………


  •  Fall in love with Nature , as we go deeper admiration. For more fun capture memories that things .If you have a underwatercamera for the best shot you can use Go Pro, ActionCam or  Molibe Phone  just use waterproof case just ask the guides for your things protection. Your best photos can’t give justice to the beauty of the place that nature has shaped and nurtured for years. The activity, though, is a perfect safety introduction for the briefing and nature adventures. Stay keep you alert, safety conscious and aware of your surroundings, always ask the guide follow their instruction.

  • One of the most best seller adventure in the South is Canyoneering Adventure .Some others country’s  visit the most beautiful, most prestigious places. And we hope you can enjoy your vacation here in Cebu and meet the Lumad as your Guides. The Wild Canyons of Kanlaob, in contrast, are unspoiled. Nature nothing can change is still the same change in nature  the river ,the rock formation, the forest is still never disturb .In between jumps, the adventurous visitor gets to admire such inspiring, breathtaking natural beauty: flowing from several levels of falls, onrushing waters gather into cool, turquoise in nature between stalactite cliffs and boulders, a lush forest virgin and stay preserve . Until to the next generation…..

15 pax and up) 800/head (11-14 pax)850/h (10 pax) 900/h (6-9 pax)1250/h (5 pax) 1300/h (3-4 pax) 1450/h (2-3 pax) 1500/h (1-2 pax) 1500/h INCLUSIONS: **transportation (habal2x) **equip. (life vest,helmet,shoes) **etrance ad exit.. Avail our very affordable group tour package for more info./details pls. Call/txt/pm contact #

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