Bacalla Woods Campsite Tour

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You have probably come across this on your feed, or heard of it from your friends or elsewhere. It’s actually the talk of the town — particularly famous for being unusually existent in the province of Cebu. It seems out of this world yet many are eager to experience this astonishing wonder — the Bacalla Woods Campsite in San Fernando, Southern Cebu.

Woods Swing

The Bacalla Woods Campsite identifies itself as the home of the artists, environmentalists, explorers, extreme sports athletes, campers, and all nature enthusiasts. It’s said to be the place where you can find real happiness. There are a great host of things to see, experience and do in Bacalla woods from relaxing in the tent, climbing in the dream-catcher spider web, sight seeing in the freshing air mountain, but perhaps one of the more popular draws among tourists these days is the adrenaline pumping, Bacalla woods Swing.

 payag house 

Located in San Frenando, Campsite, the Bacalla Swing is fairly new playground that boasts a number of giant swings—some going up to as high as 78 metres above ground—that not only makes for one heck of a heart-pumping joyride, but gives visitors a spectacular view of the forest and coursing river directly below it. But fret not if you’re not a fan of heights because there are also giant overhanging pods modelled after bird nests that you can sit and admire the view in just the same.

For the thrill seekers or those who simply want to relish in the playground’s tropical vibes, Bacalla Swing is definitely something you need to include in your itinerary for your next Bacalla wood Campsite getaway.

old house

If you’re not a fan of heights but still want a beautiful photo to take away from the experience, consider one of their many ‘Hanging Nests’ that are scattered around the playground.

Wedged between two enormous palm trees, these nest-like structures serve as look-out points but also make for good spots for photos. A ladder is positioned below it allowing guests to climb onto it and is eventually removed to make it seem—in photos—as if you were dangling in midair among the tall trees.

Other attractions include the Beautiful Nipa Hut wood, tent, Infinite-shaped Rock in the mountain and Huge Stone—all of which come with a magnificent view overlooking the valley as well as the activities is very entertaining – there a lot of enjoyment such as dama, chess, and others and guitarist lively presentation by the talented performer and very good exquisiter 

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