Kalanggaman Island A Best In The Philippines Ever To Be Visit

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Kalanggaman Island a best In the Philippines ever to be visit

Stunning Laag sa Nindot nga Island

Ang Kalanggaman Island a best In the Philippines ever to be visit.
Waves is my FriendZone
The seas is my sound of relaxing
Winds of the south is my Direction
Signature of being Travel
Here is your Reward ” The Island of Kalanggaman .” Cebuano Lumad Travel .
Featuring the best Island Sandbar in the Philippines .
The most prestigious places that can never be change.
Once you visit the long sand bar in the Philippines you well amazed the white cool green island. Touch down to see the beauty and engage the environmental scenery. Its perfect for sunrise and sunset view that gives more enticing beauty and historic life moments. In the memories of your island hoping adventure Kalanggaman Island is the best to Visit. While a breathtaking adventure specially the waves ” murag mountain jud sya, nga nagdagan-dagan ka sa ibabaw. Ug usa pa ngano dagko kaayo ang mga waves dito, ang location nya. naka atubang sa pacific ocean and ang inyong maagi-an sad is an open sea that why your excitement and fear are mixed and the price is a beautiful Island. But the season to go there is Summer para peaceful and dagat dili kaayo dagko ang balod and wala kaayo’y bagyo.
In our Experience is an extraordinary adventure and fulfillment acceptance to enjoy without any reason. To show off there beauty, her ambiance, her environmental is friendly, accessible, fun activities, her quiteness, her strength and formation is never ending that showcase me everything.. Aside from that you can stay ever you want walking in dunes sandbar, swiming in the sea, writting in the sand, the graceful waves that tos forth and back, bringing fresh air to my soul. Pretty cool nice is our budget joiners tours provide and suited getting to socialize and expand your network to meet new friends too.
By the way our Route for Island of Kalanggaman is from Palompon Leyte that nearest access to go. From Town of Palompon Leyte  first thing first come early to Palompon Tourism office for you to enable to find a group of traveller there that reach numbered of capacity of the boat. But if you were able to shoulder the exclusive type it could be better for you. We are in the budger joiners tour and take a Registration write your personal Info, An entrance fees of php. 150 per pax .
For  Safety purpose the Coast Guard and Marina will give you a permission to travel in that Island, cause they are monitoring your trips in the Island.
The boat man well tell you. or asking you who will staying overnight and who’s taking only daytour. because he given you an instruction to lead you there..

Here is the Cebu Route:
☑️For Cebu Route to Kalanggaman
☑️From  Mactan Airport to North Bus Terminal.
☑️North Bus Terminal to Maya Port
☑️Maya Port to Malapascua island
☑️Malapascua Island to Kalanggaman Island.
Here is the Leyte Route :
☑️For Tacloban  to Kalanggaman
☑️from Tacloban airport to Tacloban Terminal Van
☑️Tacloban Van Terminal to Palompon
☑️Palompon to Kalanggaman
✒️Choose your best Route that you know.
Things to do there:
-Island hoping adventure
-Walking in the long Sandbar
-wear lifevest while on traveling back and forth
-jamming with new friends.
“Travel and Treasured your moments with the environment”
Let’s create a moments with Lumad
Travel with the Lumad Ph.
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